Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Safeguarding Information - Coronavirus

This page includes information on Safeguarding in Gateshead during the current Coronavirus pandemic. It will be updated as new information or guidance becomes available. 

Some people are particularly at risk during this difficult time - either from isolation and neglect, or of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. It is important that everyone is aware of safeguarding risks and what can be done to reduce or report them.

For information about the latest health advice, service updates and community support Gateshead please visit the Gateshead Council Information on Coronavirus. Please use information from trusted sources only. 

Important Safeguarding message

Safeguarding must continue to be a priority. We must all continue to be alert towards the signs and indicators of abuse and neglect. The reporting procedures for adult and child safeguarding in Gateshead have not changed.

If you are worried about a child,

Phone Gateshead Council's Children's Services (in confidence) on:

0191 433 2653 (office hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30am to 5pm)

0191 477 0844 (out of hours, at night, at weekends and bank holidays)

The Emergency Duty Team will help with personal or family problems that reach a crisis at these times. All calls go through to the Gateshead Care Call Service where a telephone operator takes all the calls. This service is the contact point for all council services out of hours. If the phone isn't answered straightaway, please be patient as they will be dealing with another call.

In an emergency always call 999.

Report suspected adult abuse

We are committed to safeguarding and preventing the abuse of adults. If you think someone is at risk of abuse, neglect or domestic violence, you need to report this now.

If you are concerned that immediate action may be needed from the emergency services, please dial 999.

Raise a safeguarding adults concern online

You can also raise a safeguarding concern through Adult Social Care Direct on 0191 433 7033, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have a safeguarding adults query you can speak to the Safeguarding Adults duty worker on 0191 433 2222. This number is for safeguarding queries only, we do not take safeguarding referrals on this number. Safeguarding Adults Duty operates between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Safeguarding adults for professionals

The Gateshead Safeguarding Adults Board has worked with the Safeguarding Adults Boards across Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland and Newcastle to produce a guidance note for Safeguarding Adults during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Icon for pdf Northumbria Safeguarding Adults Covid-19 guidance [164.13KB]

Safeguarding children for professionals

The Gateshead Safeguarding Children Partnership has produced a Covid-19 Briefing for professionals.

Icon for word Gateshead Safeguarding Children Partnership Covid-19 Briefing [65.02KB]

Expectations on the statutory safeguarding partners in relation to serious incident notifications, rapid reviews, serious case reviews and child safeguarding practice reviews has been provided in a joint communication from the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and the Department for Education.

Icon for pdf Joint Communication from the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and Department for Education (DfE) [98.68KB]

Safeguarding and volunteering

We know that many people have signed up to volunteer and help the most vulnerable. Your role is important, not only in helping to get the things they need, but also being the extra eyes and ears for those who are at risk of abuse or neglect. During this time there is less likely to be professional face-to face contact with vulnerable people so we are more reliant on volunteers and members of the public reporting concerns.

Where possible you should offer your help or support through trusted local or national co-ordinated schemes such as Gateshead - I can offer help or NHS Volunteers

If you are volunteering, you should familiarise yourself with some basic information about what safeguarding is and how to report concerns. 

We have produced a safeguarding adults training factsheet for volunteers and redeployees. Icon for pdf Download the factsheet [194.59KB]

Waltham Forest have produced a short film explaining some basic some basic Safeguarding Awareness for Volunteers . These messages apply in Gateshead. If you do not have a single / designated point of contact for safeguarding, you can report your concerns directly using the reporting procedures within the important safeguarding message above.

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