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Reporting private fostering arrangements

Report private fostering arrangements

Professionals must ensure the local authority knows about private fostering arrangements. You must refer the case to Childrens Social Care by contacting our Referral and Assessment Team on 0191 433 2653.

The law places a duty on the parents of the child (or those with parental responsibility) and the 'foster carers' to notify the local authority. This should be done as soon as the arrangement has been made.

Sometimes a placement is unplanned. In such cases, we should be notified as soon as it becomes clear that the placement is likely to extend to 28 days or more.

Families are not always aware of the need to notify us. This is why it is important that we have the help of professionals with this.

Once notified the Local Authority have a duty to contact the child, carers and parents. They will carry out checks and enquiries to make sure that the carers are suitable as private foster carers.

The assessment will include:

  • visiting the proposed premises where the child/young person will be living.
  • speaking to all members of the household.
  • visiting the child/young person concerned.
  • making arrangements to support the child and placement. We have a duty to investigate and support private fostering arrangements.

Download  Private Fostering - information and flowchart (PDF) [133KB]

Download  Private Fostering - Poster (PDF) [280KB]

To report private fostering arrangements contact:

Contact us

Integrated Referral and Assessment Team (IRAT)
First Floor
Civic Centre

0191 433 2653

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