Gateshead Safeguarding Adults Board vision and principles

Our vision, principles and priorities

Our vision for adult safeguarding in Gateshead is:

'Everybody in Gateshead has the right to lead a fulfilling life and should be able to live safely, free from abuse and neglect - and to contribute to their own and other people's health and wellbeing'

In Gateshead we want safeguarding to be everyone's business. This means you have a responsibility to help protect our residents when you hear about allegations of abuse or neglect and report it.

The Care Act 2014 identifies six key principles. 
These underpin all adult safeguarding work and apply to all sectors and settings:

  1. Empowerment - people being supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and give informed consent 
  2. Prevention - it is better to take action before harm occurs
  3. Proportionality - the least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented
  4. Protection - support and representation to those in greatest need
  5. Partnership - local solutions through services working with their communities
  6. Accountability - accountability and transparency in safeguarding practice

Role and duties

The overarching purpose of our Safeguarding Adults Board is to help and safeguard adults with care and support needs. It does this by: 

  • assuring itself that local safeguarding arrangements are in place as defined by the Care Act 2014 and statutory guidance
  • assuring itself that safeguarding practice is person-centred and outcome-focused
  • working collaboratively to prevent abuse and neglect where possible
  • ensuring agencies and individuals give timely and proportionate responses when abuse or neglect have occurred 
  • assuring itself that safeguarding practice is continuously improving and enhancing the quality of life of adults in its area.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Gateshead Safeguarding Adults Board Memorandum of Understanding provides an overview about the Board including roles and responsibilities, membership, structure and accountability.  It also includes information about the Board Sub Groups.

Icon for pdf SAB Memorandum of Understanding [321.21KB]


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