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Safeguarding adult leaflets

Safeguarding Adults leaflet (PDF) [280KB]

Safeguarding Adults easy read leaflet (PDF) [533KB]

Safeguarding adults posters

10 categories of abuse and neglect

Safeguarding Adults Poster (PDF) [67KB]

Domestic abuse - Joanne

Safeguarding Adults Poster - Joanne (PDF) [3MB]

Modern slavery - Habib

Safeguarding Adults Poster - Habib (PDF) [1MB]

Psychological abuse - Danny

Safeguarding Adults Poster - Danny (PDF) [1MB]

Financial abuse - Mary

Safeguarding Adults Poster - Mary (PDF) [4MB]

Self neglect - Keith

Safeguarding Adults poster - Keith (PDF) [1MB]

Safeguarding adults visual media adverts

Safeguarding Adults Visual Media Ad (PDF) [65KB]
Safeguarding adults - Danny (PDF) [1MB]
Safeguarding adults - Habib (PDF) [1MB]
Safeguarding adults - Joanne (PDF) [1MB]
Safeguarding adults - Keith (PDF) [1MB]  
Safeguarding adults - Mary (PDF) [1MB]

Safeguarding adults video and online learning

'Tricky Friends' is a short animation aimed at helping people to understand what good friendships are, when they might be harmful, and what they can do.  The video was initially developed by Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board, with the aim of supporting people with learning disabilities and autism, those with cognitive difficulties and wider audiences to make and maintain positive friendships.  We want to reduce the risk of harm and exploitation in groups who may be less able to recognise the intentions of others.  We hope that this animation is used as a way to help people to think about the issues, to start conversations, and keep people safe while enjoying friendships.  

The animation is only 3 minutes long, and can be used with or by anyone - carers, family, organisations, groups.

View the Tricky Friends animation on Youtube (opens new window)

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Please note that this is for further information about the Safeguarding Adults Board only. If you are concerned that someone is at risk of, or experiencing, abuse or neglect please contact Adult Social Care

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