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Partnership Intelligence Form

Intelligence sharing process with Northumbria Police

Partnership intelligence form (Word doc) [113KB]

The above form is the agreed method of contact with Force Intelligence at Northumbria Police. This form should be used to share any intelligence with the Force and will be received by our centralised Force Intelligence Management Unit (FIMU).

Once completed, this should be emailed to

There are instructions on what can be sent to us on the form, but this cannot be used for reporting crimes.

Any forms that are reporting crimes will be sent back for it to be phoned in to 101.

Further information

The core hours of the mailbox are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Between 4pm and 3am this mailbox is monitored intermittently. If your enquiry falls outside of these core hours and requires an immediate response please contact the Northumbria Police control room via 101.

All intelligence must be submitted using the 5x5x5 system.

Partner agency submissions

Any submission of information from a partner agency should contain as much information as possible but as a minimum must contain:

  • full Name
  • date of birth
  • location
  • how this information is known and who else knows this information
  • any risk ( known or perceived) to any person of this information is acted upon
  • contact details, including a telephone number

If this information is not included your submission will not be actioned and will be returned for completion.

A submission to Force Intelligence should NOT contain:

  • information about an incident that is happening now or is time critical
  • a report of a crime (whether the victim supports a complaint or not)
  • any threat to life or firearms information
  • a report that child or vulnerable person at risk of harm to themselves or another - in these cases you must report the matter via 101 or 999 in an emergency

If there is any doubt about what you should do with information held please call 101 for advice.


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