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Multi agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA)

Multi agency public protection arrangements, MAPPA, is not a statutory body but a mechanism for agencies to better discharge their statutory responsibilities. Protecting the public in a coordinated way. The police, probation and prison services work together to manage serious and violent offenders. This includes offenders considered to pose a risk, or potential risk of harm to children.

Various agencies providing services to offenders have a duty to co-operate with the responsible authority. These agencies include:

  • health, 
  • housing, 
  • Children's Social Care, 
  • education, 
  • youth offending teams, 
  • jobcentre,
  • electronic monitoring providers 


The Strategic Management Board includes;

  • police, 
  • probation,
  • prison, 
  • representatives from many agencies with a "duty to cooperate", 
  • lay advisors. 


The responsible authority discharges the duties and obligations through the board.

Within Gateshead the strategic management board meets quarterly to:

  • oversee the work of the MAPPA and manage performance
  • review and monitor the effectiveness of arrangements
  • receive referrals on managed individual offenders that commit serious violent or sexual offences while 
  • ensure independent review of management of risks and determine whether local strategic reviews form part of statutory review
  • determine any necessary revision to arrangements
  • act as final arbiter where local MAPPA fails to agree on issues about offenders who are subject to management in the community


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